BtoBet’s Managed services solution offers operators the support they need to help grow their sports betting and gaming business, providing them with a tailor-made package of turnkey services to suit their individual business needs


Multilingual Support
From French to Spanish, and English to Arabic, our agents are versed in multiple languages.
Our Customer Support Software, Freshchat has a built-in translator for quick searches
which saves our agents time and ensures accuracy with every chat

Market-leading response time
Our expert team of Customer Support agents provide players with a market-leading
response time to handle queries within seconds

24-hour Support
Our Support Department is available to players day and night with unwavering professionalism and expertise

Our CRM services are based on powerful automated marketing and analytics tool designed to fit your needs, maximising player acquisition, retention, reactivation and engagement

  • Player segmentation according to very broad and dynamic filters
  • Activity-triggered real-time customer journey through multiple touchpoints
  • Marketing campaigns through multiple channels: email, SMS, internal messaging
  • Real-time campaign monitor
  • Machine Learning based segmentation
  • Third-party messaging services providers’ integration
  • Email/SMS tracking and analytics
  • New customer acquisition through non-customer static segments, leads generation
  • Reactivation of dormant customers

As your brand grows, so too does its exposure

  • Gain a better oversight and detect publishers linking to your brands
  • Detect how your brand is being marketed through software that scans tens of millions of pages each month and follows every link to your website
  • Get reports of potentially non-compliant content, outdated offers, incorrect marketing assets and harmful vocabulary, ensuring the compliance of your brand, always

The regulatory landscape is ever-changing

  • Whether you’re certified under the MGA, UKGC or DGA, we guarantee to implement any changes necessary to ensure compliance across the board
  • Our expert teams closely follow all regulatory bodies and remain on-hand to act fast so that you can focus on what you do best
  • Our expert teams undergo continuous, regular training sessions that ensure your players’ best interests are taken care of

Recognize the significance of VIP players and devote them their well-deserved attention.
A personal touch and individual treatment are essential in building a strong relationship
with High-Value Players, through:

  • Dedicated campaigns and promotions based on behaviour-based analytics
  • Guide your players players on their journey towards becoming a VIP through offers and promotions
  • VIP players are upgraded based on seniority, their immediate high value and other criteria on a case-by-case basis
  • We use bespoke VIP modelling that uses historic and predictive data to inform individual strategies

Our hosting services are based on Amazon Web Services infrastructure
The support services can be broken down into two core categories:

  • Service operations- this area of support is available upon request
  • Continuous monitoring – ensuring proactive problem detection and resolution

Our Network Operations Center is responsible for monitoring the health,security, and capacity of all systems within the hosting infrastructure


  • 24/7 NOC Team reacts immediately to any concerning events, assigning the task to the relevant team where the issue is dealt with in a timely manner
  • Minimal latency to key markets
  • We ensure that uptime of our software and hardware is according to industry standards
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