New Industry Report Focusing on Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing Betting

What role can the tracks play in the evolving sportsbook market? This is the question posed by leading sportsbook supplier BtoBet in its latest Industry Report focusing on the horse racing betting sector.


The Report analyses the sector with particular reference given to the British and French market, analysing its growth, market share, and the impact it has had in terms of the local Gross Gaming Revenue.


BtoBet’s Industry Report “Horse Racing Betting Focus” highlights the fact that nowadays the sector has shed the “niche consideration” that bookmakers used to have in its regards, treating the sector as a separate channel. Infact an increasing number of operators are looking at the sector to diversify their offering to provide their players with a stimulating betting experience.


The Report includes the sector’s:


  • Growth in the UK and France
  • Turnover growth comparison with other sports
  • Performance during pandemic
  • Increase in amount of active players


The Horse Racing Betting Focus is available for free and can be accessed on


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Horse Racing Betting

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