5 Reasons to Join BtoBet


A company that constantly invests in its employees in order to challenge them to be in their ‘top game’ is a company that has clearly set a path toward success. BtoBet is one of the leading iGaming providers of sportsbook software solution which tends to provide the players with unique online betting experience due to the player-centric ecosystem.


The fast technological advancements are among the reasons why the iGaming industry is aligned with music industry in terms of market size and revenue generation.


The iGaming industry hasn’t stopped growing in the last 15 years, and it will go up to maximum growth of around US$100 billion in 2024. As the iGaming industry develops, platform we are challenged to continuously come up with new innovations to our products even more attractive.


Does this sound challenging enough? So, here are the top 5 reasons why you should join our team.


We thrive to unlock your potential






Firstly, it is our job to recognize your outmost talent and extract the maximum amount of it. The main narrative of the company in ‘accommodating’ a new employee is giving constructive and helpful feedback whenever needed, which will additionally stimulate the employee to get the task done with a lot of enthusiasm and in full capacity.


Accordingly, the quality level of the delivered task happens to be far greater from a satisfied employee, than from an employee with a lot of work and deadlines on their mind. It is only a matter of time until we unlock your full potential and see your best capabilities come to light


Exceptional creative working space






Stimulating working environment is one of the main reasons why our employees have come to a stage where they create a unique product for powering some of today’s global betting powerhouses. Every day brings its own impact on the course of our work. When your colleagues spread positive energy, creativity will be on the rise.


And game developers and any other employees, in a company of the fast developing iGaming industry, need a great amount of creativity in attracting and retaining gamers.


We strongly believe that team work makes the dream work, so we stimulate team work on a daily basis with fun activities such as office parties and social events, and that is what has brought our company among leading providers in the industry, but what is more important – elevated the level of employee satisfaction.


Development through challenge



Each of us experiences challenges as part of our daily routine and those challenges are the reason we continuously push our boundaries. Career development doesn’t just happen overnight, so we tend to invest in our employees’ future as part of resolving everyday challenges that our work brings us in an effective way.


Continuous education and thinking out of the box most probably are the pillars of the successful team of employees we have created. Unlocking the employees’ potential and investing in its development is the best thing an employee could experience when working for a company for a longer period of time.


It is pretty rewarding to upgrade your knowledge in something you know you are good at, and when your managers recognize it, it is the full package of feeling that you are part of the company’s success story.



Flexible working hours are the norm






In the iGaming industry every day is like casual Friday and so it happens to be the case with our company too. Flexible working hours are maybe the most unconventional part of the job description, even though lately remote work has become a must and brought us a new and modern way of delivering results at work.


If you have already set your mind in the frames of corporate responsibility, flexible working hours could be the blank canvas where you paint your extraordinary organizing skills. As long as the job is done, you are your own creator of the working hours.


Your wellbeing comes first





The wellbeing of the employees always should come first, and it is crucial when it comes to the company’s success. Employees’ wellbeing is not just physical wellbeing, but other components of wellbeing that cannot be ignored when talking about healthy and well-functioning individuals.


Free gym, healthy snacks, and private health insurance are only a few of the aspects we care about when it comes to the employees overall wellbeing. By implementation of our well worked wellbeing program for employees, we can evidently notice that employees feel more connected, their health is elevated, and consequently their happiness is increased.


So, are you ready to be challenged? Check out open positions here

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