Beyond the game of football – the bettors experience






Beyond the game of football – the bettors experience


Football in Latin America


Football arrived in Latin America in the late 1800s with a large influx of Europeans and since then has exploded in popularity, dominating as the most popular sport (by a large margin) in almost all Latin American countries. The popularity of football however in some regions goes beyond popularity and steps into the realm of religious obsession. Peru, a country in western South America is no exception to this rule, and even though the country is not a dominating force in world football like Argentina, Brazil or even Uruguay and Columbia, the game remains the country’s number one national sport, unrivalled by any other. While the national team of Peru is struggling to overcome a lengthy decline in success, the national’s club sides, especially in the capital Lima, display unrivalled fanatic support.


Land-based betting – steady trend in Peru 


With 30 million inhabitants and three times the size of California, Peru is the third-largest country in South America. In 1994 lottery, as a form of gambling was introduced for the first time. Casinos and slot machines have the largest and most detailed legal framework among gambling operations. Atlantic City is one of the largest of all the country’s casinos with a gaming area covering 30,000 square feet featuring 1,000 gaming machines and 54 table and poker games, along with three restaurants with action available 24 hours a day. Sports betting facilities and bingo halls can also be found throughout Peru, and for the most part, they are legally licensed now. Football, of course, being the most popular sport, consequently leads to betting on football being the favoured sports betting activity in the country and the entire continent.


Enhancing the Betting on football experience


Football is the perfect medium for betting. Even if a football fan doesn’t support either team in any given match, they can still get involved by having a bet, enhancing their enjoyment and experience of the given match. The technology involved in football betting has reached a point that consumers can be reached with absolute ease. The problem, however, is that players can feel overwhelmed by the information that reaches them leading to inaction. This can happen due to the lack of differentiation and any degree of personalization.  However, with the technology available today, we can know much more about the consumer than was previously the case. We know about their habits, their likes, what they bet on and when their favourite bets and which devices they prefer to use. With this data at their disposal, operators can offer the right bet, at the right time and in the right way, making the customer feel valued and increasing their loyalty to the brand.


Mobile potential of sports betting in Peru


Despite the fact that, in Peru, the gaming market is principally land-based, the growth of mobile use and the evolution of mobile devices is making the area very attractive for mobile business. In 2009 a 20-year license was granted to the Galena Corporation that launched a mobile lotto targeting Peru’s estimated nine million cell phone users at the time. Mobile gaming and betting are becoming a crucial reality for Peruvian and other South American countries, such as Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, which are adopting the regulation. The improvements of mobile infrastructure in Peru, the promising signs concerning the growing potential of mobile gaming and betting in the Latino American continent – together with the increasing interest showed by Peruvians for sports and football – are clearly indicating to land-based retailers their next step is to move from shop to mobile and online. Btobet’s omnichannel platform and software technology enable Peruvian licensees to manage player data and gambling related business anywhere, no matter the channel in use.


In the perspective to set the player at the centre of the business strategy, it is crucial to make the user’s experience as seamless as possible.


The technology evolution ensures operators interact with consumers in a fast and effective way. Smartphone push notification and promotions, for example, can provide the customer with the chance to bet immediately or in the nearest geo-positioned shop during an important football match. It is a process which suits the modern bettors which are tech-savvy people who have expectations of technology that are far beyond their predecessors. It’s the millennial audience and to get their loyalty football-betting brands have to cater to their needs.


We possess the means necessary to truly enhance the betting on football experience making it more pleasurable, and convenient for the bettors to enjoy their favourite sport while betting on it.


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