BtoBet’s Rewind of 2020

BtoBet’s Rewind of 2020

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2020 was certainly one of the most challenging years in recent times, and yes, that’s mostly down to the coronavirus pandemic that brought the world to a stand-still.


Nonetheless, this has been a year to remember for BtoBet, underlined by many successes that have brought the company to new heights. We are extremely grateful to have a team who gave their absolute best throughout this entire year to mitigate all the challenges and problematics the industry had to face.


We began the journey of 2020 by announcing the third generation of the Neuron 3 platform, which was later revealed during the biggest event in the iGaming industry, Ice London 2020. The renewed Neuron 3 came with various new technologies and innovations such as the Social Media Betting which as the name suggest, allows the player to place and check their bets directly through their favorite social media apps.


Moreover, a new retail solution was launched allowing retail operators a more feasible approach to target anonymous players, whilst allowing them to diversify their revenue stream by interlinking the brick and mortar shops with the digital channels for a seamless betting experience.


This year, the company has further strengthened its presence in the Latin American region through partnerships with several industry giants such as Betfair and William Hill, whilst partnering with Rappi to offer betting on new e-commerce channels, a first in the industry. Such partnerships will surely deepen the company’s leadership status in LatAm. However, the region has so much more to offer especially since Brazil’s regulations are yet to fall into place and according to the numbers and facts released in the “Brazil Betting Focus” industry report, it is set to become a global powerhouse.


Simultaneously, our presence in Africa has also been bolstered, and nowadays together with our Certified Partner for the region, STM Gaming, are considered as the natural gateway for those operators seeking to establish or expanding their presence in the market.


It is also worthy of notice to mention BtoBet’s partnership with Sports Lotteries LLC, as the company entered the Russian market. Something we hope to build upon and will serve as a motivation for future successful partnerships in new and exciting markets.


During the second half of this year, it is with pride to say that we have joined forces with Aspire Global, an undisputed leader covering the industry’s entire value chain.



In conclusion, 2020 was a successful and prosperous year for the company. This chapter is now ready to be closed as we are fully prepared to delve ourselves into 2021 with renewed determination to further our growth.

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