Episode 1: Standing out in the challenging iGaming market with a unique brand personality


Series: Steps toward becoming a powerful brand in the gaming industry


This series consists of 4 episodes that orbit around a single objective: to draw the big picture of all the elements that a powerful operator in the iGaming industry has. A new episode will be published weekly and with a different focus each time. Enjoy!


Episode 1: Standing out in the challenging iGaming market with a unique brand personality


“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Geoff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.


In an era when there are more and more new companies making their way through to global market, having a distinctive brand personality has become companies’ biggest challenge. This article aims to define the elements of a unique brand personality and shed light on the importance of building a character that will appeal to emotions and take over the market.


What is a brand personality?


The concept of brand personality does not overlap with a person’s personality. It consists of consistent and determined traits that define the way a brand communicates with its customers. For example, think of Apple’s minimalistic and aesthetic appeal, or Coca Cola being presented as a part of everyday life in most of their advertisements. Such similarities between a brand and its consumers create high levels of loyalty, hence easier purchasing decisions. As in any other industry, having a unique brand persona is crucial to stand against competitors. But what makes a one-of-a-kind personality?


Elements of a brand personality


Building and maintaining an exclusive strong identity of your brand is an important factor for differentiating from your competitors. This includes but it is not limited to creating an authentic value and character of your products. For the iGaming industry, this entails having exclusive operations via unique offers, as gaming and/or sportsbook content and an exclusively customizable front-end. Focus on what your competitors do not offer yet because those are your opportunities, a niche where you can further develop.


Another equally important asset is consumer insights. Always take into consideration their needs, wants and problems when making important decisions or building your brand personality. Build a themed platform which will be unique and memorable for your players while always remaining customer-centered and vibrant. Also, include ongoing updating products and always stay open to limitless personalization when it comes to content, look and risk management. Anticipating the business requirements will be mirrored in your voice – this means that creating a voice that will sound trustworthy and reliable is a must. Your voice of communication with customers should be consistent across all channels for it is one of the main pillars of your brand personality.


Finally, do not blindly stick to your brand persona. With time, let it evolve by itself. Feel the pulse on the market and treat your brand persona as a living entity instead of stagnant. In the gaming industry, this includes upgrading and updating offers and having a personalized product that will appeal to the new generations to come.


We have come to an end of episode 1. Next week, check out episode 2 on the topic of maximizing success by having an ideal gaming platform and turn your business into a powerful operator in the gaming industry. Stay tuned!

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