What does the future hold for sports betting?






What does the future hold for sports betting?


Change is inevitable


It would seem that not so long ago, sports betting did not involve any electronics, but it rested solely on paper slips and actual physical books. As time passed, online sports betting seemed like a humongous advancement that will satisfy the hunger for sports betting.  However, the world of technology does not rest, neither do the appetites of the new tech savvy generations, so who knows what the future holds when it comes to sports betting. Or maybe we do? Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) seem to be the new step forward, able to take sports betting to the next level, making it more interesting and more enjoyable.


Can we predict the direction of the future?


There are companies looking at new ways to enhance the betting shops and make them more exciting with the use of VR headsets or by adding AR elements to their offers. What is currently in the planning stages includes VR headsets that would enhance the enjoyment of live betting on football games, providing a life-like experience making the bettor feel as If he is at the game from the comfort of his own home. This could be a step closer to the future of gaming and a move to take a traditional market to a newer, younger generation. AR seems to be the future now! As BtoBet already offers AR tools such as interactive avatars, bonus hunting and odds comparison bringing the future here and now.


Excited about VR?


The number of retail betting shops has halved in the past ten years. Those that refused to capture the attention of the young, increasingly digitized players have perished because we all need to adapt to the changing times because only change is certain and retail bet shops can no longer deliver the experience needed to captivate your players. Today’s players are experience-focused often attending big events in person and betting on them. This is why the predictions for the next big thing in sports betting are in favor of virtual and augmented reality. There will come a time when fulfilling their desire to visit events may come to life with a simple VR headset. The betting shops of the future are to be replaced with 360-degree betting experience making it more enjoyable to actually place a bet. As far as the events are concerned, VR equipment will help players visit bet shops and experience the events in a way that has not been possible before taking things to the next level. There will be those who will oppose such experiences and will be skeptical, saying that the real life event is preferable, and they may be right, however, can everyone travel the world follow all events they bet on? This will be a way to localize the entire world in the reach of one device, bringing the world closer than ever and each event more exciting than ever.


AR – the future is here


What about augmented reality (AR)? Pokemon GO was/is the most sensational game, turning users into zombies in just a few weeks after launch. Why? Because it brought with it a big change, helping people interact with the real world through their electronic devices, bringing the best of both worlds.  Pokemon GO showed us that AR is definitely the future, and the best part of it is – we already possess all the technology needed to implement it. This is why AR is here now and is likely to be a more lucrative investment in the nearer future. BtoBet already offers a bunch of AR interactive tools bringing the future closer. One of our most popular features is the fully customizable virtual assistant we offer to implement to our partners. Instant messages, emails, and notifications are proving to have less and less effect on players which is why you need to actually embrace the brand new way of communicating with your players. Imagine opening your phone and instead of dull instructions, an interactive avatar pops out helping you interact and navigate through a betting app. Imagine having such power and sending personalized promotions suggested by BtoBet’s recommendation engine through such an avatar, changing the way you deliver these notifications to your players can make a world of difference. Imagine being able to show your players that you provide the best odds presented in such an appealing and futuristic way by using BtoBet’s odds comparison interactive AR method. Or even better yet, add value and real bonuses to your players through their interaction with your app and the real world, featuring Virtual Bonus elements in an augmented environment. This way, your potential and existing players can collect and receive valuable bonuses in return creating value for them and motivating them to engage with your app and bet more. These are only some of the applications BtoBet has found for AR, however, the possibilities are endless, and the future will only bring us more and more of these sort of futuristic, interactive elements that will trigger players to respond and interact more and more.


Are you a leader or a follower?


Of course, most of these are only predictions about the future and no one can ever be certain what the future holds, which is what makes it so exciting. 20 years ago smartphones were science fiction, now we can’t imagine life without them, and they have revolutionized the way sports betting is done. This is an advantage for those betting companies prepared to invest in the future, in VR or AR equipment and tools. They will always be in the driver’s seat when fundamental change comes along, pulling the train forward, creating competitive advantage and potentially having a very attractive and lucrative future. The future and the change it brings with it will come whether you want it or not, why not be in the locomotive when it does?

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