Gaming and sports betting explosion in African countries – Understanding the dynamics

Gaming and sports betting explosion in African countries – Understanding the dynamics

Gaming and sports betting explosion in African countries – Understanding the dynamics


Technology has always played an important role in many fields. The gaming and sports betting industries, as well, don’t stay indifferent to the never-ending technology development. As a consequence, because the technology revolutionizes, the need for following the advances and keeping up with the new trends emerges in the gaming and betting industries.


Africa is a continent which has seen a technology revolution in recent years. Due to rapid mobile and internet advances in African countries, online sports betting and gambling are on the rise. These changes are slowly beginning to change the local perception and behaviors of the players.


The move from retail to online


Across the majority of the African countries, there is a clear dominance of the retail model of gambling. However, the rapid growth in mobile payments services influences the expansion of online gambling and sports betting.


Studies have shown that mobile gambling and betting is the preferred way of gambling between young African people. For example, a 2017 study has shown that around 2 million people in Kenya go into mobile sports betting. The retail market in Africa is facing changes as advances in technology and payment are changing the African environment so land-based retailers must make the step forward from shop-only to mobile.


The evolution from retail to online is challenging and operators who are aspiring to enter the African gaming and betting sector, need to better understand the challenges that the African region holds and adapt to the local needs and expectations. They have to offer practical solutions that would be mobile-optimized and accept mobile payments so that more customers are reached. In these circumstances, the support of a strong technological partner with a deep knowledge of the local market is needed.


Rapid changes in gamers’ and bettors’ behaviors


The rising smartphone market influenced the wider use of mobile devices in African countries and consequently facilitated betting and gambling on the continent. The recently noticed rapid internet penetration is also growing the need for giving access to online gambling and betting services. In fact, across the whole African territory, whether in urban or rural areas, the majority of the population has an access to the internet.


The fast-paced development of technology is strongly tied to the growing number of people engaging in online betting and gambling activities. Operators targeting the African market have to incorporate the best technology and correct channels if they want to achieve success. This means that they need to propose mobile-based solutions.


The needs and expectations of the African players can be entirely addressed by proposing an omnichannel solution that will allow providers to avoid losing track of their players’ activities and therefore can offer them high-quality services, including tailored offers, broader offers of betting events, and full support. This solution will make it possible for operators to build and maintain a sustainable relationship with their players.


BtoBet’s tailor-made solutions can fully meet the local needs in the African betting and gaming industry. Both Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports platforms propose scalable solutions that provide gaming operators with the possibility to have full control and management of their operations.


To learn more and understand the behaviors, needs, and demands of the African gamers and bettors, download our latest Industry report: Tackling Africa’s limitations ICE Africa: Making Africa accessible to the iGaming industry.

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