A Look at Online Gaming in 2018


A Look at Online Gaming in 2018


With the end of 2017, we can definitely start talking about what to expect in the online gaming sphere in the upcoming year.


Many changes are driven by the technology advancements, and it seems that 2018 will be a year for the online gaming business in the US market. We are expected to see more gamification, social aspects, packaging of particular sports or bet types, unique ideas on how to acquire and retain players and much more.


Virtual reality


One of the fastest growing industries online gaming is set to be affected by VR in the upcoming year. In fact, when we start talking about gaming, we can’t go without mentioning virtual reality software. One of the biggest assets of virtual reality is the feeling as if you are really in the game itself. By putting on the headset, and isolating yourself from everything around, the game can show you a world, that as player, you’ve never seen before. Virtual reality gaming on casino would no doubt further enhance the experience to be exceedingly enveloping and reflect that of an actual casino. Even though, The VR technology is still at the very beginning in this type of industry, the possibilities of how it might affect it are simply endless. However, based on what we’ve seen so far – we’re really excited to see how the gaming world will adjust over the next couple of years.


More Gamification


Gamification, which became popular in 2017, so far has had a great effect on online gaming industry. The entire idea of gamification is to keep the player completely in the online game they are playing. Players will have the opportunity to battle for diverse rewards or set goals they need to achieve in order to get to the next level, and try to improve their positions on the leaderboards, since they can see their rank against the others playing the game. Although, gamification is traditionally used in marketing as a way to attract consumers to a brand by engaging them to do fun activities, gamification in the online gaming industry can enable payers to test out different alternative of online casino games before they commit to playing, encourage them to play more and give them goals to work towards.


The US Market is changing


More than 85 countries worldwide have legalized online gaming and sports betting as around 70% of revenue comes actually from this type of business. Online gaming is a huge success among the public because of the wide range of games it offers and the possibility of playing without being limited due to your location. China, the UK, Australia, the US, France, Germany, and Italy are among the key revenue generating countries in this area. And now, more than a dozen US states consider to legalize online gaming in 2018. There are a few deciding factors for legalization of online gaming in US. Some will say that it started with, Nevada’s sportsbook saw a massive growth in revenue during the Mayweather/MacGregor fight. On the other hand, Pennsylvania is a good example again here: the legalization of online gambling helped the State to handily fill a gap in its budget. It seems that 2018 is set to be an interesting time for online gaming and sports betting in the USA.

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