Remember, your players are global. 5 ways to make sports betting more convenient for them



Remember, your players are global. 5 ways to make sports betting more convenient for them



Global gambling and betting markets continue to evolve, embracing the opportunities of the digital era. However, the global web may not be bound by geographical borders, every new market has more than just its own language; it also has its own cultural norms and values. So, to reach these new audiences globally, you must think locally. And, once you’ve chosen to give it a go, there are several things that can be done to build a foundation for success.



The Basics: GET ONLINE


As we covered in our previous posts, it is becoming too obvious that you need to introduce omnichannel platform to motivate and get your players online. Even already established retail brands need to have a betting shops presence. The reason? Most of the players (especially the growing millennial players) will no longer only use the betting shops, however they will be looking online to find the provider that will offer them the best experience. Even if they gamble for the first time stumbling upon your retail point on the street, now, it is likelier than ever they will search for your brand online before entrusting you with their money. Up to 94% of smartphone users will look for information online about your brand before engaging with it. This is why having a quality online presence is key if you are to keep up with the competition.



Pleasant User Experience with excellent User interface



It is important to realize that being online has to be backed by the right user interface. For instance, statistics show that 88% of players are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience, and if your website is not optimized for mobile 79% of users will search for another website in order to complete their task, and even with an optimization that was not done right 52% of users say that a bad mobile experience makes it less likely that they will engage with a company. Even with a mobile app or an optimized website, things can go terribly wrong if you do not have an excellent user interface, since 61% move to another website if they do not find what they are looking for easily. Website and Mobile Content have to be designed in such a way that will be satisfying for the highest amount of players. Even when all of the above stated is satisfied, 83% of users say that a seamless experience across all of their devices is somewhat to very important to them, which is another indicator as to why an omnichannel approach is an absolute must.





Use bonuses and promotions



Retention and acquisition it is main motive to give out attractive bonuses.  Even the best user interface and the most advanced seamless cross device experience needs help with player acquisition. While word of mouth and positive brand reviews are important it is your bonuses and promotions that are key for player acquisition. Geo localized bonuses are important when trying to enter a specific geographical market, however the entire experience they have on your website will determine the retention rate your efforts will have. Bonuses however, are not only key for the acquisition of players, but they play an important role in player retention as well. This is because no matter how satisfied with their experience with your brand players are in most cases, loyalty has to be rewarded.



Maintain records



Because loyalty has to be rewarded in order to be kept it is key that while you are offering a seamless omnichannel experience, you also need to keep detailed statistics in the back end of it all. It is important for players to be able to check out their betting history, however it is even more important for you to keep their betting history handy. There is so you can reward loyalty and so you can customize and personalize offers to satisfy individual player needs. We already talked about the important role in customer retention loyalty bonuses have. Personalizing the experience of each individual player can play an equally important role in the same task – customer retention.







Tailor your offer



The importance of the offer personalization goes beyond just being a great retention tool. The recommendation engine through the customized offers to individual players, can drive revenues up significantly since it motivates players to take action a lot more than they would without it. This is why an omnichannel is key. Having in mind that it helps with the delivery of a seamless experience to the users, which the users love, and when you add the fact that it is the center of the recommendation engine, it is an absolute must have. It will help track players across platforms which will help you with better customization of offers, which will lead to happier players, bigger revenues, and much greater customer retention.

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