The advantages of technology: Using AR for better player acquisition and retention

The iGaming welcomes AR marketing tools



Augmented reality is getting massive attention by companies as the perfect tool to deliver persuasive messages to their technologically minded audience.  It is undoubtedly the future. However, is it the future of the iGaming industry? How can it be applied in it? BtoBet believes it is a tool that is able to provide the players with the most advanced and exciting gaming experience yet.





Combining our A.I. platform – giving operators a full players’ data control and management, with a totally new AR solution providing players the most advanced and exciting gaming experience. The augmented reality marketing tools will not only give operators invaluable player behavior feedback, but it will directly drive users into sportsbook and casino products as well. It will be up to the operators to decide which games/bets to activate, and users will decide how to interact in the AR environment, as well as what suggestions to accept from it. BtoBet proposes AR marketing tools that will satisfy the players at the ideal time, offering cross channel integration like never before. User experience involves 4 aspects: physical, emotional, social and mental. AR is a great way to enhance the user experience of the players, adding a sense of excitement and offering a more emotional, involving and personalized way of getting the attention of the players using a mobile app.





Exciting odds comparison tool for operators


The AR interface has the ability to overlay virtual information on an outdoor environment. That means that it has the ability to merge outdoor activities with digital and virtual games, which in iGaming terms meaning the players can scan particular markers set by the operators, offering a preview of the best odds offered for a particular event of interest to the players. BtoBet’s AI tool for odds comparison analyses what is important to the players, and in this way the operators can integrate this marketing tool in order to motivate the players to place instant bets on the games of interest they provide better odds than the competition using their mobile app or visiting the closest betting shop.





Bonus Hunting game: AR bonus leading to placing a bet


There is a reason why Pokemon Go has been so successful. It provides immeasurable fun to its users. With the bonus hunting game, like in the most popular AR game out there, the players can navigate in the real world using their mobile devices, searching for tags that will uncover different bonuses, collecting them in an augmented environment. The game can be tailored to the specific requirements of the sportsbook and casino operators, and the collected bonuses are meant to push the players to the nearest shop or online, exactly like regular bonuses do, with an added sense of fun to them. These bonuses can be customized and personalized for the users depending on their value, geo-location, preferences etc.





The Virtual Assistant – helping both the players and the operators


No one can deny that the virtual world lacks the human interaction available in the betting shops and land based casinos. In those shops however, no one can guarantee that they can provide flawless human interaction, providing helpful information in the best way with impeccable timing. The Virtual Assistant is the best out of both worlds. It is an avatar that comes out of the AR and communicates often key information with the players. It can be transformed in a Tutorial Virtual Assistant settling any doubts players might have, an interactive avatar or a push notification avatar informing players of all the information that might be of interest to them. She is proactive, making suggestions based on the player’s preferences, proposing events and bets using the Recommendation Engine we talked about in our previous blog posts. It helps her anticipate their desires providing them the doorway to an extraordinary multidimensional gaming experience. This is a key tool for brand loyalty, as it provides an even greater personalization and feeling of importance and joy to the experience of the players.





BtoBet will launch all these new features as a part of our campaign on ICE Totally Gaming in London. Visit our stand S1-320 at ICE totally gaming to see all the amazing things you can do with the app.

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