Using algorithms in the betting industry to customise the player experience


Using algorithms in the betting industry to customise the player experience


How to enhance the experience of the players?


It is fundamental to focus on the importance of the tools available that can simplify the mobile experience for players and make it as enjoyable as possible for the consumers. This can be done through advanced technology tools like the players’ behaviour algorithms and the recommendation engine.


When you look at the wider e-commerce world, reports show that an estimate of 35% of all sales is generated by some sort of recommendation engine. This is a number to be respected, and we can all agree that the recommendation engines are a big part of our online existence. However, in the iGaming world, to date, this is not the case, as there are very few sportsbook operators that have developed a sports betting recommendation engine of their own.


When we look at machine-learning technology, as a crucial part of the artificial intelligence led offering, it is clear that it holds the key to success in the world of mobile sports betting, providing the capability to offer a truly tailored sports-betting experience. In sports-betting, a hybrid recommendation system is especially effective, whereby collaborative filtering (where the information is collected from the users) is paired with content filtering (utilising user metadata) enhancing the data quality and coming up with more accurate recommendations.


How can we at BtoBet help you achieve the ultimate player satisfaction?


Our machine learning gives the algorithms the capability to learn from user behaviour and actions. The algorithm verifies when the user plays/bets and enjoys the top recommendations or it adapts to unexpected actions elaborating the next proposals/suggestions/offers.

In this regard, it is crucial that the events suggested via mobile are not casually chosen by the system, but specifically recommended for special and tech engines able to:

– collect large amounts of info about players (behaviour, data, activities, preferences)

– analyse and learn the behaviour of the player (according to categories, spot, tournament, competitors, market type preference)

– categorise players by similarities

– predict what the player likes and would like to bet on next

– offer quick automatic one-to- one actions marketing campaigns


Our technology can provide all of this. This isn’t science fiction, and you are already familiar with it without even knowing it. Just think about how you use Amazon; or Spotify; or Netflix. This kind of system will already be familiar to the customer and it means they will feel very comfortable with any sports betting operator that offers the same. It is fundamental to have an advanced sports book which enables automation and customization of offers, bonuses and rewards. And through AI the player can enjoy a more tailored betting experience.


At Btobet we have developed a clever sports-betting RE that can control and suggest bets or events, analysing the bettor’s behaviour according to sport, category, tournament, competitors and market type preference. Our A.I. system, through its sophisticated algorithms, enables operators to track players’ behaviour whilst simultaneously using collaborative filtering to provide perfect suggestions for the most appreciated games, odds and bets for each player or segment of players.


On July 12, at the iGaming Super Show, BtoBet CEO Kostandina Zafirovska will be discussing the topic of Mobile Betting UX during the SBC Betting Forum, and in anticipation of that discussion, BtoBet published technical Handbook: Mobile Betting UX: Navigating the Challenges, which is available for download on the following link



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