What to Expect in the iGaming Industry as the AI Keeps Evolving


What-to-Expect-in-the-iGaming-Industry-as-the-AI-Keeps-EvolvingWhat to Expect in the iGaming Industry as the AI Keeps Evolving


Artificial Intelligence has been a game changer in many industries, especially the iGaming industry, mostly in positive ways. The iGaming industry is increasingly using artificial intelligence to predict player’s habits and personalize offers to keep players hooked.


There is no doubt, then, that the hottest trend in consumer tech, in this case artificial intelligence will impact the iGaming scene ahead of the curve. The more pertinent question is: how will the advances in artificial intelligence affect the iGaming industry and what to expect as it keeps evolving?



The present influence of AI on the iGaming Industry


In recent years Artificial Intelligence has evolved as a tool that enables operators to make the best decisions when it comes to the management, acquisition and retention of the players. In its latest Industry report, Btobet explores the aspects of AI in the iGaming industry and how it can best be used and applied when it comes to data analysis.


  • Personalization through data acquisition and analysis
  • AI as the core tool for an optimal Omnichannel
  • AI in the Prevention of Gambling Addiction
  • Artificial Intelligence in Risk Management


How can AI be beneficial in terms of attracting players?


iGaming operators will benefit from using AI not just in preventing their systems from being manipulated but by also being in a better position to track player behavior, analyze player data and categorize player preferences.


Without the advancement of Artificial Intelligence operators would not be able to adapt their content on an individual level and thus appeal to all the players. Let alone implementing automatic cross-selling strategies on all different channels – retail, online and mobile.


And with players constantly shifting from the retail side of the business to the online and mobile, operators are continuously pushed further to deliver the best betting/gaming experience possible, through a totally personalized front-end, to any single player. This wouldn’t be possible without the introduction of such a disruptive technology.


The Future of AI


iGaming is an industry that relies heavily on analytics to generate odds for betters. Data sits behind these statistics, and with the correct intelligence software, operators can analyze scoring patterns and deliver far more realistic odds to their players.


It’s not only the operators utilizing data for their own insights. With more information at their fingertips, players can also make more educated decisions and increase their own chances of winning.


AI, as well as offering better insight on odds, is a means to fight the issues around addiction and problem gambling. By analyzing critical factors that are common amongst problem gamblers and identifying red flags, operators can recognize players that could be at risk of addiction in order to provide help before the addiction becomes too severe. Tackling addiction issues and cleaning up problems through AI will allow the entire industry to shake off any lingering negativity in the future.


To sum up, emerging technologies are impacting the gambling industry in numerous ways, some with positive implications, and others raising concerns for players and operators. What is certain is that the gambling landscape will shift significantly between now and 2020, and operators that keep up with innovation and consumer trends will reap the rewards. In terms of the iGaming industry, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.

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