BtoBet launches at ICE B Neuron – a Cloud platform based on Artificial Intelligence

The pillar in iGaming and betting technology Btobet has launched their breakthrough platform B Neuron at ICE, a tool which is guaranteed to simplify the daily operations for the B2C operators.


BtoBet has been working intensely on its cloud platform for two years to finally be ready to give the industry what it deserves – a product based on artificial intelligence and innovation.


B Neuron is a dynamic platform which meets the demands of any kind of operator, whether it is an established fully operational company or a start-up. B Neuron is a powerful and advanced Sportsbook and gaming platform which radically changes all facets the operator’s activity by sustaining and guiding him to make the best decisions for the management, acquisition and retention of players. You can get to know more on B Neuron on


The idea of calling the platform B Neuron derived from the actual human thinking process where billions of neurons are fired simultaneously to create synchronous waves of cortical computation. This drives similarity in the way Artificial Intelligence software is worked on. To build the primary architecture of Artificial Intelligence software different processes are required to take place simultaneously. This brought BtoBet to design and develop a platform with unified stream of intelligence.


Alessandro Fried CEO of Btobet expressed his satisfaction in launching B Neuron at ICE London saying that “we put all our efforts to invest in a forward thinking product, one which we know will innovate and make an impact in the iGaming and betting industry. Our expertise put themselves in the shoes of both the operator and the player making them see closely the needs of both. Today we can proudly expose what we have been working on”.


He emphasised that Artificial Intelligence is the key factor which makes B Neuron above the rest. “B Neuron offers infinite possibilities to the operator. If he uses and ‘trains’ the platform wisely he can get a response that he never thought he would be able to reach”, said Fried


Kostandina Zafirovska COO of BtoBet said that the company is overwhelmed with the positive results B Neuron has obtained already prior the launch at ICE. “We were confident with our product as we spent months of multiple testing, making significant changes along the way to keep bettering the platform. Our satisfaction is ultimately seeing our clients happy with the product, giving them the results they longed for. We are confident that ICE will give the exposure B Neuron deserves”.


If you need any further information about BtoBet or B Neuron you can send an email on [email protected] or phone on +356 27135974.

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