“The two main trends at ICE 2016 were e-sports and social gaming” – Exclusive interview for Yogonet by Sabrina Solda

BtoBet’s CMO, Sabrina Solda, granted an interview to Yogonet, the most influential newspaper of the Gambling Industry. 


At the 2016 ICE, BtoBet debuted its Sportsbook software solution and the B Neuron platform. “Operators from all over the world came to see the unique features of our B Neuron,” Sabrina Soldà told Yogonet in an interview.


How did the 2016 ICE turn out for BtoBet?

Our goal at ICE was to introduce our innovative products to the iGaming and betting industry. Having focused our strategy on the launch of the AI technology gave us the expected results we had planned.

Our strategy explained exactly what our technological features are bringing into the gaming and sportsbook world. Word of mouth seems also to have given us an unexpected push among ICE attendees.


What were the most discussed trends at the show?

The two main trends which seemed to be dominant were e-sports and social gambling. They have been described as the next revolutions in the online gambling world. The ideal scenario would be that the gaming industry could improve the players experience by offering them the type of entertainment that suites them.

Having said that, the behavioural and recommendation engine should be considered and given the necessary weight to understand what players prefer to drive them through a special designed path that keeps them stuck to the operator’s brand.


“Our shareholders spent two years analyzing the market to come up with a completely different product which is being considered to be technologically on top of the market”


How has the growth of iGaming influenced the development of the London exhibition?

The growth in iGaming is evolving in finding ways to keep players satisfied and keep up with their demands. This is the only way to retain them. ICE 2016 saw more and more developers and providers that worked on the personalization of their products and games therefore more brands were populating the exhibition.

Today players are invaded with all sorts of gambling content when online. This has brought the industry to think of practical ways to simplify offers to players. At BtoBet we are doing this by implementing the use of the recommendation engine in our platform.


Which of your products attracted most attention from visitors?

The products which we launched at ICE 2016 were our Sportsbook software solution and the B Neuron platform. Operators from all over the world came to see the unique features of our B Neuron, which make it technologically different and advanced. B Neuron is designed to add unique value to the operators’ betting/gaming business, helping them to grow fast while limiting the risk in the competitive environment.

During our demos we had the opportunity to show operators how B Neuron’s AI assists both the operator and the player, enabling operators to reduce manual procedures and consequently reduce operational costs whether in the trading, marketing or gaming intelligence offices/ teams.


What happened after the conclusion of ICE? Are you seeing results yet?

Surely we will be busy dealing with all the many interested customers which were attracted to have or change into an effective product that could support their businesses in a really flexible and complete way.

Our shareholders spent two years analyzing the market to come up with a completely different product which is being considered to be technologically on top of the market. This, of course, created huge curiosity among our competitors. In the meantime we will continue to refine the product to give a better service to our clients.


Clarion Events expects that by 2020 ICE will see the exhibition fully occupying the entire site at ExCel. Will there be room for start-ups, small companies and next-generation operators at the international trade show?

The success for next generation of gaming operators is only guaranteed by understanding the changes in the digital gaming market, meaning predict the gamers of the future and how preferences are constantly on the move. They should keep an eye on trends in technology and the relationship between gamers and operators- for example the shift to mobile, social and online gaming.

Start-ups and smaller operators should recognize opportunities for future innovation by implementing new product verticals and recognize new demographics of bettors. They should also focus on defining geographical opportunities according with the jurisdictions changes.

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