All Eyes Are Set On Brazil

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All Eyes Are Set On Brazil


Dima Reiderman, Chief Operating Officer at BtoBet, spoke with Focus Gaming News and emphasized the growth of the sports betting industry in 2021 and the potential rebound in the face of a possible gambling regulation in Brazil.


What were the main goals the company reached in 2021?


We started the year with two main goals, consolidating our core markets whilst expanding into new landscapes, and optimising our sports betting products and services to ensure that we provide our partners with a high-performing sportsbook solution that enables them to provide their players with an entertaining and differentiated betting experience. Looking back at our achievements during the past 12 months, I can proudly say that we have met and exceeded our expectations.


Not only did we consolidate our presence in those markets – namely Africa and Latin America – which see us firmly considered as market leaders, but we have at the same time greatly expanded our presence in the more mature European market. We are now in a position to say that we have effectively entered the UK market through multiple brands, we have entered the Polish market, and lately we also announced that we have entered the Brazilian market with FanDuel’s DFS offering.


On top of this we have bolstered our content offering, whilst also enhancing our sportsbook solution with advanced ML tools aimed at providing a more stimulating betting experience to the end players. So yes, 2021 was definitely a very positive year for the company as it further strengthens its role as a leading sports book supplier.


BtoBet has expanded in various countries in 2021 in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. How was the experience to launch in different markets? Do you plan to continue the expansion in 2022?


The successful entry in new markets is a clear indication in itself of the flexible and regulatory assurance offered by our sportsbook technology. Having said this, our commitment to commercial expansion in new markets through new partnerships remains as strong as ever for BtoBet.


Europe remains high on our agenda and is a key area of focus for BtoBet, especially in light of newly regulated markets. The same applies for the LatAm and African market, which are highly evolving markets from a regulatory perspective. All eyes are set on Brazil, and how things will evolve in the coming months, and which could well prove to be the start of a domino effect of a regulatory shift in the region.


Sports betting has grown considerably in the last year. How do you see the business for 2022?


I foresee that the sports betting vertical will maintain its momentum into 2022. On a global level the industry is currently experiencing a massive wave in terms of sports betting growth.


If one was to take a look at the US, more and more state governments are approving the rollout of sports betting in their state. I expect we will see a fast expansion of the US sports betting industry culminate in 2022. The outcome of the opening for business of the Dutch market should also be reflected throughout next year, as we continue to see further growth in player channelization, and the rise in the legalization of sports betting in different countries is increasing the number of participants in the online sports betting market.


And one should not forget the evolving situation in Latin America and Africa, which are slowly but surely gaining a larger market share in terms of global GGR. This will be the most important trend to watch in 2022, and it’s a very positive sign for this industry.


BtoBet has been recognized with different awards in 2021, including the Sports Betting Supplier at the Gaming Intelligence Awards and the 5 Star Media “Multi-Channel Supplier of the Year” Award. What do these prizes mean to the company, especially in a year where the business had to adapt to the pandemic restrictions?


We take great pride in the awards we have received throughout this year, especially when taking in consideration that during the past months the sportsbook industry was heavily impacted by the pandemic.

Nonetheless, we don’t consider these awards as a point of arrival. Our focus will remain to constantly improve our sportsbook solutions and services and provide our partners with the cutting-edge technology they need to deliver a stimulating and entertaining betting experience to their fold of players.


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