Increase competitiveness by having optimal betting offers and a secure risk management system.

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Increase competitiveness by having optimal betting offers and a secure risk management system.

With today’s technology, it is possible for a sports betting licensee to have the best of both worlds – secure risk management and an optimal betting offer structure. 


The iGaming industry keeps moving at a very fast pace and with the same rhythm grows the complexity in the bookmaking industry. This fast growth brings with it higher risks for the bookmakers making it difficult for some of them to have in place a good and effective risk management system to support their business, keeping it viable and profitable. 

The betting business, being as dynamic as it is, must provide players with a huge variety of betting offers. It is fundamental for any bookmaker to offer the ultimate offers to players. 

Betradar is one of the main players in the iGaming and betting market which offers over 60,000 events per month, 15,000 of which are live. Players have a huge variety of options where to choose from, a means to also retain them.

Having betting offers is important, but the way they are managed is even more important because they are the means to keep generating the business. Today’s technology gives trading operators multiple options of how to manage their risks efficiently, effectively and in an exponential manner. 

As part of its Managing Trading solutions, BtoBet offers Betradar’s Managing Trading Service (MTS) which enables bookmakers to streamline processes and to increase their competitiveness by outsourcing labour intensive trading operations to Betradar’s trading expertise, with the help of BtoBet expertise. 


How does Betradar MTS operate on the BtoBet platform? 

Betradar MTS is an administrative system which tackles all betting operations in a fast and cost effective manner, from providing the fixtures to compiling odds, monitoring liabilities to finally settle the bets. 

Betradar MTS is considered as a comprehensive, reliable, and trusted betting content solution and that is why BtoBet decided to take MTS as one of the possible management trading solutions. The following features are part of the solution given by BtoBet:

  • Monitoring betting markets.
  • Compilation and trading of sports products for a variety of sports and events.
  • Monitoring prices and controlling liabilities.
  • Ensuring the appropriate level of risk management is performed.
  • Delivering a competitive offer in terms of promotions, odds and range of bets.
  • Maximising the offer across all markets.
  • Creating and settling betting markets for various sports.
  • Conducting customer profiling.

In essence, MTS is an outsourcing service which the bookmaker can benefit from to reduce manual procedures and effectively reduce costs, but it also gives him more time to plan his strategic marketing. 


Paolo Personeni, Betradar’s Managing Director of MTS, describes MTS as one of the most recent successful solutions in the iGaming industry. “The unique and extraordinary option of Betradar’s MTS is that with service it is now possible to give the operator a guaranteed margin with zero risk”.


The different services which the licensee can benefit through the BtoBet Managing Trading Service


By using the BtoBet platform the bookmaker can either partially or completely manage risk and anti-fraud. Clients are provided with the largest sports betting offers for both pre-match and live betting operations.


With the BtoBet Managing Trading solution all essential data is gathered for a successful risk management, including market, odds and liability monitor, customer categorisation and trading analysis.  Through developed live trading tools and designed liquidity trading algorithms,  our solution weighs all risks and recommends whether a bet should be accepted or not. This is an automated process which guarantees maximum security and efficiency for all sports betting operations.


When creating a new service, the constant thought must be the maximisation of benefit for the operator. Every solution should be fully designed according to the client’s needs.


When having the Betradar feed through BtoBet, the licensee can have three possible solutions of how to operate the MTS. The choice depends on the way he wants to operate his business and most of all, on what he wants to focus on. He has full control on the level of services which he wishes to have


The first option is to leave the full management of MTS in the hands of the Betradar experts. In the way, the licensee reduces a good amount of operational costs.


Another service is that the licensee can decide what risks he wants to operate through our solution and others which he prefers to operate internally.


If for example the operator has the live and pre-match offers, he can decide to leave the live risk management managed by our team and manage alone the risk management of the pre-match. This gives flexibility to the operator to actually decide what sports he want to manage himself and what can be managed by the BtoBet Management Trading solution.


All these infinite possibilities open a new dimension and a new vision for any operator who is ready to maximise his current operations. Having at hand this amount of flexibility give the operator a new dynamic way of how to manage his costs and structure.


This boils down to a crucial element – giving the operator more time to manage sports and events which are essential to his business.


Ultimately Btobet believes that when choosing a Management Trading solution the licensee must have the reassurance that he is given not only the service which he deserve, but most importantly the service which suites his business needs. Through its team of experts BtoBet the right choice to be given a complete solution and service.

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