CalvinAyre: BtoBet & Betradar Combine to Offer The Perfect Betting Solution for eSports

BtoBet and Betradar will combine their intelligence in the areas of data mining and eSports betting to provide the perfect solution for sports books looking to expand into, or improve, their eSports betting solution.


BtoBet & Betradar Offer The Smart eSports Solution

calls their B Neuron platform ‘the most powerful and advanced sportsbook and gaming platform on the market.’

They pride themselves on providing value to their customers before they even see it coming. They do this by understanding their customer better than they understand themselves. They drill down into the minutiae of player’s lives and provide their customers with everything they need to know to improve their experience. They specialise in advanced player segmentation, understanding player behaviour, and even rating a player’s happiness levels. All of this information helps a sportsbook to speak to the right person at the right level. They also offer an automated fraud prevention assistant that picks out suspicious behaviour, deals with it, and lets you know that everything is once again hunky dory.


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