BtoBeters Share 10 Most Important Things They Have Learned Since Joining the Team!

BtoBeters Share 10 Most Important Things They Have Learned Since Joining the Team!


A chance for personal and professional growth offer only employers who are aware of the importance of fostering good company culture, and if you love where you work, you will be enthusiastic when it comes to generating new ideas, keeping your passion and maintaining good work-life balance!


Your workplace is a crucial part in the evolution of your career, but also plays a big role in your daily life, so it is important to be a place that makes you happy, encourages you to prosper and give your best each day!



So, how can we describe ours in 10 separate lessons which our employees told us they had learned while working in BtoBet?



Never stop learning


Your career path is not only determined by what you know, but by what you will learn on the way to success. Education should only be your starting point. At BtoBet, you can begin to grow professionally since day one. Any new information you receive from your team coworkers or your managers will stimulate you to expand the knowledge around it to a certain point where you will be fully ready to triumph over new aspects of your job obligations.



Be a team player


Even if you were working solo prior to joining our team, here, you will be given tasks that will make you feel that your contribution is a valued part of the puzzle called team success. You will learn how to build and retain synergy with different types of people while respecting their opinion, and not only professionally, but personally too. And, once you enter the blessed cycle of next to perfect delivery, you will be eager to be handed a role even in more projects in the future.



Respect diversity


We have already mentioned respect in terms of team members’ relations, but what about respect of their origins? Different traditions? Cultural differences? Here at BtoBet, we celebrate holidays as one, and together we learn to accept each other for who we are, and not for where we come from. We strongly believe that if you want to work with us your interpersonal skills should be pretty well developed. Soft skills are necessary if you want to participate in creating positive and functional work environment, and we believe each BtoBeter has to have them.



Learn to adapt and overcome


Accepting people for who they are, transferring from solo to team work while enriching your knowledge with new and useful information are only a small part of how you learn to adapt and overcome any given situation. When you realize that you are able to adapt to anything out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to professional growth, you know you are ready for greater changes, and actually, you have learned the lesson of being patient, and reasonable even if you think you can’t. This will maybe give you the opportunity to get a promotion faster than you thought you would, who knows?



Always strive for excellence


Striving for excellence can be tricky sometimes, but it should be your drive to achieve more with each given task at work. There is nothing wrong in pushing yourself to deliver the highest quality performance in everything you do, and we are here to motivate you to always be the best version of yourself, like we are continuously supporting each other on a daily basis.



Your time is your inventory


Soft skills are necessary when it comes to your day at work going smoothly. And when we say soft skills, we refer to your organizational skills which would have to be amazing as you are given the freedom to organize your time effectively in terms of finishing your tasks in a certain time frame. Use your time wisely, and you will never have a delay in the timeline of obligations. In BtoBet, you are your own master in terms of time and responsibility. What can be more stimulating than your employer entrusting you with important tasks for the company success?



Mistakes also lead to success


We just wanted to remind you that even though we always strive for excellence, we completely understand that even the most successful professionals are only human beings, and can actually make mistakes while working. But, at BtoBet, mistakes are only lessons to be learned if you really want to become way better at what you do! No one has reached the level of high quality without making mistakes, so our advice would be to make the most out of them.



Embrace the challenges


When you work in a big company, challenges can appear in many aspects of your daily obligations, and sometimes they can be pretty overwhelming. But, is there a challenge that any BtoBeter cannot overcome? We are a team of enthusiasts who believe teamwork makes the dream work, so being part of such a team, can only be beneficial to you, even when it comes to personal life. Challenges will make you grow, and here we grow together.



Chaos is a ladder


Different types of tasks, many challenges at once, and it seems like you are in the middle of a chaos, right? But, here chaos is a ladder. Why? We commit to teaching so many things while working together, so this can only be just another step towards success if you know how to combine your soft skills, hard skills, and your time. And, you have already learned how to handle and overcome any given situation, even chaotic ones, right? Great, as we wanted to point out that turning chaos into order is another important lesson you will learn while becoming a BtoBeter.



Always be kind and supportive


Just imagine trying to learn all of the above mentioned things without kindness and support from your colleagues or managers. It just doesn’t seem like the way it should be, right? You are not only a part of a work cycle, but a human being with skills and emotions we need in our team in order to feel wholesome as a team. We offer you respect, and support, and we value you as a person. So, we expect nothing less from you when it comes to treating yourself and others with kindness, understanding and support.



Do you see yourself in a work environment like this? We want you to be part of our team!

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We can’t wait for you to become a BtoBeter!

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