A leap forward for the Italian market



A leap forward for the Italian market

During the past months the Italian betting market has been going through a positive shift. The right framework is being created for licensees to operate in a strict regulated market. This set-up is one which gives security to both the operator and his clients.


The Italian gaming industry is definitely ahead of a revolutionary long path because of the deep rooted bureaucratic procedures. A sign of goodwill to start tackling this issue is being shown by the Italian regulator AAMS which has opened up for discussions with multinational iGaming companies. From its end, Government is putting in place a proper tax system which doest not punish the operator, giving him space to be profitable in his operations. This system is set to properly support large and medium sized operators.


The Italian betting system is serving as a point of reference to those countries which are still evaluating what type of regulation should they apply. They are doing so by analysing the elements which make their act perfect, one which can guarantee absolute control on the multiple betting transactions or to playing in general.


Testifying and reflecting the above factor is are the statistics released about legal bets. Last February sports betting in Italy established a new sales record by reaching 615 Million.  Statistics by AAMS show that the first two months of 2016 reflect a record increase of 28.8% when compared to the same period in 2015.


These numbers speak for themselves. They expose the complementary schedule and taxation on income which have been effective as from January 1 2016, which led to an exponential growth. And this is just the beginning. (See table below)




The positive impact supplied by either new operators or, operators which emerged by the AAMS concession is clear from the online sports betting that generated a blasting turnover of 331.100.000 million.


This inevitable growth in revenue was possible through foreign and Italian operators which acquired a regular AAMS concession and operated legally.


Year 2016 is the year where the Italian regulator will make a call for new concessions. This step is to be seen as an opportunity for the different stakeholders, the Italian State, influential operators and small and medium operators, both which are already operating and those entering the Italian market for the first time. The Italian market is already showing positive signs and the future of the industry can only be positive, especially with a targeted investment. However, one must be wise in choosing the right partner which is able to give the licensee a guarantee to operate in any market with flexibility.


The secret ingredient to be successful within the Italian market is to invest. The Italian State must lead by example and it must be the first one to do so. This new reality which has increased revenue to the Italian treasury, must be looked at as an opportunity to continue fighting against those investing in illegal gambling. It must also be seen as a means to invest in a gaming standardization project to get rid of any prejudice. It is an opportunity to be part of a healthy jurisdiction and customs like other countries, as for example Britain.


The operator must be put in a condition to meet the needs of the player and this can be done by directing the investment towards operations related to the end customer.


The bettor must be followed, studied and educated. The best iGaming platform is surely one which offers the necessary tools to stimulate  and increase entertainment. This must be used intelligently to keep the player happy and satisfied, attracting him to games which might be to his liking.


The BtoBet Artificial Intelligence operates its Recommendation Engine with the above concept in mind. This tool anticipates the player’s /bettor’s desires suggesting what could be of interest to him.


BtoBet has invested and invests a lot in research related to new technology. It works in the present, thinking simultaneously of future solutions, ones which have common denominator: AI.  BtoBet is currently working on its future tools for its operators, tools which can capture the player’s behaviour to then analyse it effectively, to then offer a product targeted for the operator’s website or on the agency’s programme schedule.


Today players are bombared with different content online and this, by time can only increase creating difficulty to the player of finding what he is looking for. This can sometimes backfire and results in lesser profitablity for the operator.  Btobet felt the need to innovatively invest and launch the first real “Recommendation Engine” which is able to offer the player bets or games depending on what he played or betted on in the past. It also studies his behavioour and preferences.


The point of strength of the BtoBet AI products is without doubt the ability to provide tools to optimise processes and reduce costs. The BtoBet modules perform detailed analysis, giving the operator all the necessary data to be able to make specific targeted marketing campaigns. These tools provide automatic alerts that allow the operator to monitor and greatly reduce exposure to risk. The intelligence offered by BtoBet is one which assists the operator’s activity in his everyday needs.


BtoBet’s AI is one which operates both in the online and offline markets.


The point of sale must be one of the factors of consolidation of the brand on the territory, showcase their products and services, and at the same time it cannot remain in a state of isolation. In an era where internet is everywhere, where it travels to millions of devices, the synergy between the offline and online is the natural path to follow. The bettor must be allowed to figuratively take with him everywhere any offers or services found in a retail agency.


The conceptualisation of BtoBet was born exactly when studying this phenomenon. It in fact provides the operator not only the appropriate toold to manage the shop, but it also gives him the technology to introduce his clients to the online world.


With this system the client’s acount can be both online and offline. It acts as a universal passport which is recognisable regardless of the modality of the dealer.


Our motto is that investment in new technology is the only way to remain competive and be successful. This is Btobet.

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