Choose the Right iGaming Platform for Your Business



Choose the Right iGaming Platform for Your Business


Last week in an interview for, BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried spoke about choosing a provider to trust for the long term and why Btobet is considered a technology partner, not just a platform provider for sportsbook and casino operators. And later that week, in another interview he revealed the secrets of Neuron Gaming Platform, which will be showcased at this year’s ICE, starting tomorrow.


BtoBet is attending this year’s ICE show, taking place in London from 6th-8th February. If you’d want to book a meeting, there is still time. Just click the button below and register:

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The competition in iGAMING is getting fiercer each day and customers are becoming far more tech and online savvy, aware and criticizing bad products. That being said, the operator should make decision about two very important things: choose the right platform provider to trust on the long run and find a way to differentiate his offer from the competition.


What to consider when choosing the right platform


Operators seeking platform providers should focus on three principal factors: collaboration, trust and the capability to aggregate all the available content while offering players a seamless customer journey. Only providers with an open, independent and foresighted approach can manage this type of offering. And how to recognize a good technology partner? Fried, firmly believes that it is the one able to provide constant support to clients, through skilled and knowledge referrals, holding extensive knowledge of the industry, and helping operators to achieve objectives in a safe environment that cannot cause damage to their business.


How can an operator differentiate his offer from the competition?


It is vital for licensees to ensure the strength and recognizability of their brand and – at the same time – of their brand’s offers and differentiation from the crowd. To do this, a ‘quality jump’ towards flexibility and technology is the only way to go. Consequently, from the myriad of platforms on the market, it is essential to discern the one that best suits operator’s needs. To confirm a strong and brilliant brand identity and exclusivity of offers, operators need a stable, open, advanced, flexible, scalable platform, tailored for Gaming, proposing scalable solutions for any channel, any jurisdiction and any business model.


How can you drive the players towards the best experience and the best offers in the different markets?


The Neuron Gaming platform is built from the ground up with the operator in mind. It allows a high level of customization in terms of user experience, content and configuration amongst other aspects. These are all elements that enable the operator to build the front-end strategically for his target market, whilst at the same time giving him the opportunity to integrate third-party content and configuring all aspects aimed at enhancing the user experience.


How is Neuron Gaming different from the other competitors?


BtoBet’s Neuron Gaming platform allows gaming operators to have full management of their operations, of their own front-end, enabling the personalization of their web, mobile, or app presence. Additionally, it allows the integration of any content related to Games and Betting and also whatever payment method or affiliation system needed for specific target markets. Moreover, it allows the configuration of every single element of the licensee’s system in a very detailed way, or alternatively, enables the licensee to teach his system to act according to the roles that he decides for the management of his own business and the offer of services to his clients. It is an ongoing updating product, always staying open to allow limitless personalization possibilities.


The possibility for an operator to differentiate his brand and bring competitive advantage to it, offering players unique experience will make his brand stand out. To do so, the technological partner must provide a clever, flexible and scalable platform, allowing infinite personalization and the opportunity to deeply analyze players, having the possibility to profile them and formulate always the perfect offers on their preferred device.


BtoBet will showcase its advanced products at ICE Totally Gaming, Stand S1-320 from the 6th to the 8th February.

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