ICE Recap: Focusing on Personalization of the Brands and How Our Platform Enables Customization



ICE Recap: Focusing on Personalization of the Brands and How Our Platform Enables Customization


BtoBet has successfully concluded the first tradeshow of the year and is ready to move its “Technifying iGaming Tour 2018” worldwide. Operators and bookmakers at ICE had the possibility to understand how BtoBet’s full sportsbook platform Neuron Sports and the iGaming platform called Neuron Gaming – help them to be equipped with the adequate technology to succeed in the regulated and evolving local markets.


BtoBet’s stand this year showed a full-body humanoid, with real human eyes, representing how BtoBet transforms technological skills into human ability, how functionality becomes competence, helpfulness becomes benevolence, and reliability becomes integrity. Its combination of technology, trust, flexibility and human ability – metaphorically performed by the professional Acroduo dancers – left operators and bookmakers totally impressed.


During ICE, BtoBet’s CEO Kostandina Zafirovska stated:


“Neuron Sports and Neuron Gaming, both deploy a flexible technology, ensuring that our clients can change with the circumstances and evolve with our product. The professional acroduo dancers at ICE are providing to our clients, bookmakers and operators the possibility to witness with their own eyes – through a metaphoric acro-dance – how technology constantly morphs, as our platform does, and how a well-matched partnership works, each with a part to play in achieving the end goal. We team up to support, embrace opportunities and win together, all in full TRUST.”


The entire industry is becoming increasingly demanding; customer acquisition is costlier, competition is fiercer and customers are becoming far more tech and online savvy, aware and critical of bad products.


From this point, it is crucial for licensees to ensure the strength and recognizability of their brand and – at the same time – of their brand’s offers and differentiation from the crowd. To do this, a ‘quality jump’ towards flexibility and technology is the only way to go. Consequently, from the myriad of platforms on the market, it is essential to discern the one that best suits any operator’s needs. Today’s white-label providers are offering a turnkey service, proposing a homogenous offer to operators that can’t differentiate their products from the rest of the market.


Only structured companies like BtoBet with product organization and planning can ensure a long life for the product. To confirm a strong and brilliant brand identity and exclusivity of offers, operators and bookmakers need a stable, open, advanced, flexible and scalable platform tailored for Sportsbook and Gaming, proposing scalable solution for any channel, any jurisdiction and any business model.


In a recent interview BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried, talked about the advantages of its Neuron Gaming platform, stating that it allows gaming operators to have full management of their operations, of their own front-end, enabling the personalization of their web, mobile, or app presence. Additionally, it allows the integration of any content related to Games and Betting and also whatever payment method or affiliation system needed for specific target markets. Moreover, it allows the configuration of every single element of the licensee’s system in a very detailed way, or alternatively, enables the licensee to teach his system to act according to the roles that he decides for the management of his own business and the offer of services to his clients. It is an ongoing updating product, always staying open to allow limitless personalization possibilities.


Collaboration and Trust are the name of the game with operators seeking platform providers that have the capability to aggregate all the available content while providing players with a seamless customer journey. Only partnering with providers with an open, independent and foresighted approach, managing this type of offering becomes possible.


At BtoBet, we team up to support, embrace opportunities and win together, all in full TRUST. We are looking forward to our next conference, happening this March. More information coming soon. Stay tuned.

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