Local servers or Cloud services? An insisting issue which keeps pestering the iGaming operators.

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Local servers or Cloud services? An insisting issue which keeps pestering the iGaming operators


The traditional way of managing information in bulky servers has been at a turning point with companies of most industries choosing professional IT software providers for cloud computing services.  Cloud computing turned their business more profitable and viable, yet highly secure. But what about iGaming companies?


Till now, iGaming and betting businessmen have been sceptic in choosing cloud management as their first option to operate their business. To date, iGaming operators still tend to shy away from it without giving thought to all the benefits it can bring to their business.


Why can Cloud management be a turning point to the iGaming business?


It can be understandable that iGaming and betting operators are used to managing their operating systems through the standard servers. Logically these take a considerable amount of space, space which needs to be catered for by the operator himself. This might be due to the fact for fear of loss of data and amongst other matters.


Cloud computing needs none of this space. Today’s technology gives possibility to the operator to access to all his managing operations with the click of a button simply by accessing the web. It might sound too simplistic, but this is the reality with today’s advanced technology, reason why other sectors in different businesses are opting for cloud computing.


A cloud computing system drives businesses to another dimension. Having an IT ‘structure’ based on cloud enables iGaming and betting companies to consume and view compute resources as a utility rather than having to build and maintain computer infrastructures in-house. This system offers several positive benefits some of which are:


  • Self-service provisioning: End users can spin up computing resources for almost any type of workload on demand.
  • Elasticity: Companies can scale up as computing needs increase and then scale down again as demands decrease.
  • Pay per-use: Computing resources are measured at a granular level, allowing businesses to pay only for the resources and workloads they use.



BtoBet is a B2B software company offering the iGaming and betting industry, effective cloud management systems. BtoBet has built its expertise in this type of technology through its cooperation with the multinational leading IT company Seavus, having over 16 years of experience in the sector. Seavus assists companies in many different sectors starting from analysis of the business requirements, to development and all application management and operations including networking, server management and hosting.


BtoBet together with Seavus developed a unique platform supported specifically through Cloud, guaranteeing an advanced level of scalability and flexibility for any type of iGaming and betting operator. The advantage of a cloud platform is that it is dynamic which continues to evolve month by month. Since the system is online, it is easier and much more practical to have instant upgrades and tuning just in case something would be going wrong.


Confidentiality and Data Security


In the iGaming and betting industry there is a general misconception that they are driven to opt for a Cloud system to reduce costs but with the direct consequence of affecting their security. The part which is true is cost reduction because the operator invests less in operating costs as well as any other physical costs.


Reality is that Cloud management systems offer much more data security than the normal servers. The operator has full control of the system and if he needs any immediate changes, they can be done in real time.


The operator however must be sure that if he opts for a cloud system, the company he chooses has the necessary ISO certifications. This certification is a guarantee of security. BtoBet sustains its professional operation in cloud computing by working with ISO certified hosting companies.  This is a certification which gives reassurance to the operator that his data is fully secured and that data protection is followed.



In practice, how does Cloud work?


When buying a cloud service, the operator would be buying ‘space’. Every operator’s data is segregated in its own ‘area’ and it is impossible for any data to either get lost or swapped with some other client’s.


COO of BtoBet Kostandina Zafirovska explains that “the security and scalability of every iGaming operator is guaranteed because they are all installed on different independent frames. Each one of them is virtually ‘boxed’ and making each one segregated. Yet, this does not affect its scalability. The goal is to help the operators to grow as their business needs grows. The technology has changed a lot in past years and it is going to change in the future even more rapidly and that is why each business, especially gaming operators have to start evolving in the approach. We at BtoBet could help them to grow with the fast changing technology trends without losing the data protection and scalability.


How is it possible to grow the business or diversify it?


Any operator should have the possibility to grow or diversify the business he operates. Cloud gives the operator an open book. It is up to him with the guidance of the software iGaming operator to use it wisely.


An operator may decide to add sportsbook as part of his offers. A land based operator may decide to operate also online. The choices and possibilities are endless. A Cloud operating system facilitates these choices as it is incredibly scalable and flexible.


Not having to worry about problems which can arise in having a physical server, one can focus more on the business and get to know the players and therefore, the core business.

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