Soldà (BtoBet): We constantly keep ahead of the curve in terms of innovation

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In an industry that always aims to deliver an enhanced user experience, Sabrina Soldà, CMO at BtoBet, points out how her company helps operators achieve this goal through innovative solutions, such as with the Neuron 3 platform. In addition, she values the work of partner Wildar Gaming in Latin America, a market that, she says, offers huge opportunities for online sportsbetting.


It has been five years since you started working at BtoBet. What’s your personal balance of this experience so far?


The iGaming industry is a very demanding marketplace that is on a permanent evolution based on innovation. Markets are constantly morphing according to their regulatory status, and the technology itself is a far call from the technology that characterised the online betting industry in its infancy steps. Nowadays, we are seeing service providers and operators also shift their stance as regards the importance they give to the betting experience and how this adapts to each player. This is something that we, at BtoBet, have been working on for quite some time now. I am very pleased to be part of such an avant-garde and visionary company that is continually testing itself in order to stay ahead of the curve.


Why does the Neuron 3 betting platform represent an evolution with respect to previous solutions of the company? What advantages does the added Social Media feature bring for players and operators?


It’s all about innovation. Service and platform providers alike are always seeking to find new means to deliver an enhanced user experience. From this aspect, the Neuron 3 platform is a definite and tangible step forward, even in terms of the wider spectrum of channels that have been natively integrated. One very innovative feature is the Social Media betting element that is now integrated natively in the platform. It has been specifically developed with today’s gambler profiles and characteristics in mind, and their strong tendencies to make use of social communicative platforms. Through this innovative feature, players are now able to search for bets or directly place their bets from the social media app of their liking, be it Twitter, Facebook, Viber or Telegram. Not only does the feature provide a very fast way for players to place bets without the need to browse through an endless list of events – either through the web or the operator’s third-party app. It also vastly simplifies the way in which “multiple” type of bets can be placed via a single-messaged instruction. Players can also make use of the Social Media betting tool for bet searching, allowing them to find all the selections they want in a single search. The Social Media betting feature also presents a number of benefits for the operators themselves, with the feature being the ideal approach in targeting digital native customers, and especially millennials, thus resulting in increased engagement.


What other key elements and tools was BtoBet presenting during this year for operators to better implement a unique UX strategy for each different channel?


One of the major innovations that we unveiled at ICE London in February was the new retail solution. Essentially, in emerging markets like LatAm where the industry is still predominantly retail, but which is registering strong gains on the digital channels, this will prove to be a fundamental asset for any bookmaker with interest in the retail side of the industry. Through this new solution, retail agents will be able to make use of a rapid registration process in order to transform their anonymous player into non-anonymous customers. Amongst other features, agents can now also save searches and have them readily available in the form of quick links. Furthermore, the agents will be able to offer a more simplified and quicker betting process, to accept bets that are placed either via email or telephone or by scanning a pre-booked betslip. The placement of the bet will be further quickened with the agents making use of advanced search and filter tools that categorise sporting events by tournament, team, and country. This will directly result in an augmented user experience at the brick and mortar stage, with the players themselves now forming part of the betting ecosystem.


When did the relationship with Wildar Gaming begin and why did BtoBet decide to choose that company as a partner in LatAm? How would you evaluate the joint work with them?


BtoBet’s partnership with Wildar was officiated in January 2019, and I must say that it has been very fruitful in the LatAm market. One must keep in mind that Latin America offers huge opportunities in terms of online sportsbetting, and the fact that a number of countries are legalising online gambling is clearly a step in the right direction. Having said that, the region still poses its share of challenges, especially with the operators’ lack of online gambling knowledge. That’s why BtoBet has opted to expand further more in the region with the White Label Partnership Programme through our strong collaboration with Wildar Gaming as our regional Certified Partner. We consider Wildar has the knowledge and expertise to best assist local regional operators to diversify their business strategies and grasp the online opportunity. Its structure facilitates the implementation of a turnkey solution for their customers. This means that Wildar provides all of the necessary tools for the development of their operations and accompanies them during the application of their processes. For those who have their own structure and undertake smaller-scale developments, they offer the White Label solution, where they integrate and customise BtoBet’s platform to suit their needs.


What are the future challenges for the company and how is it going to overcome them?


BtoBet’s challenges are the same in principle as those of any service provider. Innovation, agility, and brand presence in the industry’s various markets are always at the top of our agenda. We constantly keep ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, and I dare say that, later throughout the year, we will be unveiling very innovative solutions to our current and prospective partners. At the same time, we are continuously monitoring the evolving market situation, making sure to meet all compliance requirements, in order to reduce the time-to-market to a minimum.


This interview was initially published by G&M News.

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