What Lies Ahead In 2022?

What Lies Ahead in 2022?


2021 was one of the greatest years for BtoBet since its beginning, we managed to hit all our goals amongst which were market expansion and consolidation, continuous growth and development of our products and bringing in new talent.


Speaking of markets, we successfully expanded our foothold in the mature European market. We have gone live in Europe’s biggest market, the UK, which was followed by our entrance in the Polish market as well.


In the meantime, we were able to maintain our stable growth throughout emerging markets where it is very important to highlight our recent partnership with FanDuel in Brazil.



2022 kicked things off with receiving the Dutch certification for our sportsbook platform, enabling entrance in one of the most prominent European iGaming markets and allowing us to maintain the momentum of growth throughout Europe.


That milestone was shortly followed by another, the coveted ISO 27001 certification. This is one of the few standards which uses a top-down, risk-based approach to assessment and identifies the exact requirements and specifications for the most comprehensive Information Security Management System.


But, on a much larger scale during 2022 we are set to continue our expansion globally and further fortify our leading position in the emerging markets. This goes hand in hand with the evolution of our sports betting product, which will be developed even further to efficiently meet the requirements of the mature markets.


Additionally, it is of utmost importance to highlight the fact that our core markets have distinct betting preferences. For example, the player preferences in emerging markets such as Latin America and Africa are vastly different than those in the more mature markets, such as in the UK. Knowing this we are developing our sportsbook platform to meet every player preference across the mature and emerging markets.


Diving deeper on the product evolution aspect, our horse racing betting product perfectly showcases our goal in mind, to meet the unique requirements each market has, or in this instance the UK one. Horse Racing is a must-have in this market, which is not the case in the emerging markets. E-sports is another instance, as a product with high bandwidth consumption it is a must-have for some markets while on the other hand, it is not a prerequisite for others.


On another hand, during the past 12 months, our workforce has grown by more than 40%, which is a direct result of our continuous investment in the technology. We brought people with a deep understanding of the iGaming industry and profound expertise in the mature markets and will continue to do so during 2022 as well.


To sum it all up, upon us is another year full of opportunities, challenges, and new horizons and we are more than ready for it.

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